Doris and Dave

Doris and Dave have travelled!

Dave crossed continents, gain inner peace and found spirituality on train trip through India.

Dave adorns the face of a Buddhist priest from Thailand, performing a
cermony around the Bodhi Tree in Sarnath also known as the deer park
where Budha took his first lessons at the Dhamekh Stupa.

Dave at one of Ghandi's Spinning wheels, where Ghandi spent his last 144 days in Deli

He now sits on the preserved foot print of Ghandi last steps before his assantion

Dave at the Taj Mahal

Dave have lunch at the city of Udapour in Fateh Prakash Palace - accross where Octopussy was filmed.

Dave is with a Hindu Dietity Shiva's Wife - Parvati

Dave is protecting the women from the outside world - these screens were contrusted to prevent people seeing the woman, but allowing them to see the world. Dave thinks the architecture is muslim in appearance.

Dave rests upon - the sivler detailing on a maharaja's elephant chair. These ornate chairs are set upon the top elphant to carry the maharaja in style and custom .

Dave is sitting on a sandstone pillar over looking the lake on the way up to Jaswand Tharda also Jodhpur - which is where the Maharini built a mousalim.

Doris on the other hand found herself lounging on beaches of Palm Cove.

Doris found a friend in a lovely pair of Francis Klien sunglasses

Doris Soaking up the sun

Doris relaxing by the pool

Remember if any of our clients are set to take off ! We would love for you to take either doris or dave for their next photographic adventure.