Victoria Is Dioptized With FUNK Spectacles

A few days ago my twin sister and I got her eyes tested and it turns out that she needs GLASSES and I don’t.
I couldn’t wait to get her back to The Dioptics Studio and reinvent her with
her new look.  Before I go any further, I need to tell you how I fit into this
whole Dioptics Studio business or establishment as my mother and aunty
like it to be referred to.
Christine is my famous mother and Diane is my fabulous aunty and they are
the ones responsible for dressing people’s faces with fabulous “Face Furniture”.
They have a huge Fan Club.  My sister and I have met the most amazing
people and witnessed first hand how they have reinvented their customers.
I was so lucky, last October 2012 to play assistant and travel to Paris and
Munich for their Dioptics annual buying trip.  First stop was Munich to visit
Dieter Funk at Funk Optical Head quarters.  We spent four amazing days
with Dieter and Sashee looking through the collection and being shown
how the frames where designed and made.
I just loved the Funk Food Collection and as I was looking through I picked so
many that I would love to wear.  How would I make that final decision? That’s where
Christine and Diane come in....they just know!
I dragged Victoria down from Macquarie Street as fast as I could making our way back to Dioptics. I was telling her how lucky she is to be wearing glasses. I knew exactly which collection I was going to select for her.  I keep telling her it’s going to be from the Funk Food Collection, “Feed your Face”.  All she kept saying was that she was not hungry and needed to see clearly.
I sat her down at the fabulous dinning room table at Dioptics with a mirror in front
of her, and started the reinvention. As you can see by the photos I have chosen, one of my favourite in the Funk Food 1950’s acetate design.  They are not just your standard black they have been laminated with crystal and ice green on the back of the frame which gives them a chocolate and peppermint flavour.  Victoria looks amazing in them and can’t wait to show them off at school next week.
We call this process being Dioptized.
The frame has been fitted with a Hoya lens which has the new Blue control coating
helping to stop reflections and reduce eye fatigue. Don’t just take my word for it,
make an appointment and speak to the experts Christine and Diane, and they can
tell you all about it.  If you want to be styled by me I am available in the school
Truly yours, Zoe.