Diane has been chasing TOTAL Eclipse shadows- she found it.   She is now a lover of shadows cast by the sun.  How amazing to be on the shores of cairns watching an amazing natural spectacle.


Always working

Even whilst on holidays Diane and Christine are working - They met a lovely lady who quite frankly needed to be Dioptised.  Diane and Christine recommend she visit the FUNK retail outlet -  here is her lovely response.

Remember you took our tour to Salzburg ? And you gave me a hard time about my glasses ?

Well, I went to Funk Optic as you advised and bought - a much more conservative pair of glasses than you might have wanted. But I am so happy that I spent probably 3 times what I would have if I had not met you. Every penny worthwhile !! Thank you - big time !

I am very happy and before I talked with you I would never ever have thought of spending 1200 euro on a pair of glasses - I have to say - it is worth every penny and I will always advise anyone else I meet to do likewise - the difference is simply wonderful.

Many thanks and I wish you much success in your business.

Best regards,

DIOPTICS travels

You just never know just where you might find a Dioptics frame - on the King of the Gnomes!

A park in Strasburg - an Autumn day - Christine and Diane found this frame resting on the King Gnomes