Larapinta Trek

Dave went a trekking for a mightily good cause - Dave was accompanied by Elinor Crossing who Trekked Larapinta to raise funds for the Eye Foundation . Looks like once again Dave had the best seat in the house - the photo's from the Trek are truly magnificent.

Elinor and nine other inspiring Australians have raised close to $70,000 for indigenous eye health by undertaking a five day trek along the famous Larapinta Trail. The adventure was the culmination of months of training and fundraising by the trekkers who signed up to undertake this life-changing challenge in support of the Eye Foundation and its indigenous eye health projects.
Here is a photo essay of this amazing journey.

Dave sitting in fork of a snow gum in the early morning

Dave is ready for a dip at Ormiston Gorge

Dave sitting on the actual port a loo - a bit of morning relief for Dave

Dave sitting on the lid of the camp's port a loo - oh the places you go Dave!

Dave enjoys a true ozzie cuppa from a billy and a camp fire.

Dave sitting on aheart shaped rock - on the Trail


what is on the TABLE at Dioptics

Feast your eyes on the banquet being served at the Dioptics studio !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kirk Originals are now in store and are a highlight of the menu, be sure to check out the latest styling's from Theo and Alain Mikli .

Christine is in a Frenzy about RED! It is all about red, remember your wardrobe of glasses can contain the same colour, but still be very different - look at this eclectic mob of spectacles.

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