Doris has been away, that lovely man Peter took her on a bike trip from the 7th of March to the 15th of March. Accompanied by whole bunch of people for a whole long time. Doris joined this group of bike riders who were riding for an exceptionally worth while cause Corners for Kids. In their own words not only was this event about raising funds for Inspire's Reach Out service, the riders spent the week spreading the word to young people and their families that there is help, information and support available when they, or someone they know, is going through a difficult time.

Below are photos from the event in which Doris was a keen and active particpant.

Doris prepares for take off.

Doris in Victoria sitting upon her ride enjoying the view

The riders and Doris stop for coffee at Scotsdale

More bike pictures, after all Doris was on a biker road trip - by the way if you would like to donate to this cause please go here.

This is just a beautiful picture of a Tasmanian gum tree - Doris is watching

Just an other beautiful picture of the Tasmanian Coast and the wildlife

I think Doris had the best seat in the house the entire trip.

Doris is modelled upon fellow Bike riders Ray Griffen a founding member and Jo Jarvis from the Inspire Foundation

Bicheno which is a bike friendly town unexpectedly hosted a event for the travellers- an amazing cake was made in their honour. Mayor, Frenchman Bertrand Cadartown a delightful character was the host for the evening Doris was there to help celebrate at this event.

Doris in prime position for a piece of cake

Doris gets closer - to the magnificent cake

Our lovely Peter (Doris's companion) ran our of Petrol and consequently fined $100 towards the Corners for Kids foundation cause.

Doris and Dove Lake

Doris rests upon a gatepost at Lowercrackpot

Doris nowhere else to go but home - what a great week!!!

Thank you Peter for taking Doris on this wonderful road trip and thank you for particpating in this amazing event and helping to raise both funds and awareness for such shuch an important cause.

So far 55 000 has been raised - Peter raised 6500 personally - The target is 75 000 should any of you wonderful people which to donate this worthy cause please go here.