Berlin's reputation as an artistic haven was not something that just happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ever since the beginning of the twentieth century, the city has attracted those who dare to be different - artists, designers, writers,dreamers and dilettantes. It never aspired to be a London or Paris, as it didn't have to. It has always done things its own way.

It is no surprise then that Christine recently found herself in Berlin admittedly "twenty years too late" but she would say that now is a better time than ever to visit Europe's most exciting, pulsing metropolis

Paying homage to Berlin's bohemian flair, its savvy yet understated elegance, Funk Eyewear combines subtle, edgy and industrial design with an on-trend European retro feel.

Christine discovered Funk on her latest trip to Berlin. When she saw this collection and met with Funk's head designer and creator, Dieter Funk, his philosophy matched ours. Funk's motto of ‘feed your face’ is a collection that is made for everyone who cares not just about how they look but rather, if their look is individual enough.

We have never seen frames like this and their collection of sunglasses and spectacles will add an element of Funk to your wardrobe of face furniture. Dieter felt privileged that Dioptics would be the first Australian optician to present his collection to the DIOPTICS fan club in Sydney and beyond.

Have a look at the Funk City Tour video featuring a few German celebrities and real people wearing this season's latest Funk collection and whet your appetite for Berlin!

Funk eyewear is available exclusively at Dioptics.